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Crunchy Leaves

“I like stepping on ice when it cracks”

“Yeah me too. It’s like stepping on crunchy leaves.”


Crunchy leaves. I wonder why I say that. Crunchy is a word I normally associate with food, things I can taste. Like lettuce or cucumbers, they’re crunchy, but leaves? I’ve never eaten leaves before (well I mean the ones that fall off the trees during the fall) yet I still say they are “crunchy”. I wonder why I don’t use another word to describe they’re …. crunchiness? I guess it has to do with the sound they make underfoot. That sound that I go out of my way to create, *crunch*. The sound of fall- crunchy leaves.


Relative Perspective

The inevitable boredom that set in while doing five billion and two physics questions on relative motion lead me to come up with this – the equation for relative perceptive of reading :P


Flowcharts of Friendship

So the other day, writing my computer science exam, I was asked to create a flow chart showing how to make friends. My answer went somewhat like this:

Friendship Flowchart

This got me thinking about how we pick our friends. It peculiar how it happens, it’s sort of an unconscious decision (at least with me, I certainly am not like Sheldon Cooper, sticking to his “friendship algorithm”). I mean at first you strike up a conversation with a seemingly random person and sometimes, if you’re lucky, something clicks. Streaks of similarity or maybe it’s the pull of opposites, but whatever it is, somewhere along they line, this seemingly random person is no longer random, they aren’t even just an acquaintance anymore, they’ve become more than that, more important. They seem to somehow drift into the category of “friends”. They become a person you rely on, depend on. They are also that person who is able to accept you as who you are.

friendship008Stu, a character in Stephen King’s novel  The Stand, says, when thinking of his dead friends, “In his memory there was a great tendency to downplay or completely forget their unlovable characteristics. […] The thoughts that came wanted to be wholly good.” (King 425). I think there’s some truth to that, but I think in some ways is missing out. We all wish to see good in our friends, but I think really your friends are those people who have learned not to overlook the worst in you but rather to accept those streaks of crazy and random for who you are. I think it’s that; the sum of all the good and bad and weird in you that really make up who you are, that makes you, you.

Procrastination and Technology

Caught red handed. Okay so I’m procrastinating but hey, in my defense writing scholarship essays isn’t exactly the most exciting things ever, plus it’s Saturday (and don’t you have other things you currently need to be doing rather than reading a rant of post, if you’re in my English class then never mind congratulations you’re actually doing what you’re supposed to be)! It’s weird how I’ve come to refer to my laptop as the “distractomachine” (for obvious reasons) and so far the score is 5 billion distromachine – Maryam 0. Technology, Y U So Distracting! It’s got me thinking though, about how easily technology has taken over our lives.


Take this image, for example. There was a point in time were I would have said, without any hesitation, that I would be that lonely guy doing the book sniffing and fondling but now I’m not so sure. While I’d still go with books over iPad’s any day (as I’m not big on Apple products) but give me an Android tablet or an e-reader and suddenly I’m not so sure. Not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, I drifted into the world of e-books and digital libraries. I mean it’s so convenient to just carry a full library of books all stuffed into a tiny electrical circuit, ready to open a new book at my will (especially handy for someone like me who for some bizarre reason is always reading at least 3 books at once).

Then again e-reading has its disadvantages as well. Oh look the battery died! Oh look a new YouTube video I never knew I needed to watch but suddenly now I do! Oh look someone messaged me, better reply! All these distractions, it’s a wonder I get anything done. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s distracted by the call of the internet. Milgrim, in William Gibson’s Zero History does the same as well one night, sitting on a bed, refreshing his Twitter feed instead of sleeping. Interesting how the pull of technology and the internet overrides our needs of sleep. Self-control? Seems like that’s something I lack.