Crunchy Leaves

“I like stepping on ice when it cracks”

“Yeah me too. It’s like stepping on crunchy leaves.”


Crunchy leaves. I wonder why I say that. Crunchy is a word I normally associate with food, things I can taste. Like lettuce or cucumbers, they’re crunchy, but leaves? I’ve never eaten leaves before (well I mean the ones that fall off the trees during the fall) yet I still say they are “crunchy”. I wonder why I don’t use another word to describe they’re …. crunchiness? I guess it has to do with the sound they make underfoot. That sound that I go out of my way to create, *crunch*. The sound of fall- crunchy leaves.


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2 responses to “Crunchy Leaves”

  1. melaniewhite2012 says :

    I see that you are reading Pattern Recognition, and the patterns of language help us understand and make connections. You’ve connected the sense of taste with the word “crunch” perhaps because of the action, but the word is actually auditory – the sound of crunching – it might even be called onomatopoeia. But like all words, and ideas, there is no meaning without context – “the crunch of the ice” connotes very different emotions than “the crunch of her bones” or “the crunch of the paper as she crumpled it into a ball and threw it at the teacher’s face” – imagery – sensory experience in context.

    Your posts always get me thinking…..:)

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