“The thought process can never be complete without articulation.”

— Stephen King (The Stand, 885)


Reading that line immediately brought to mind a particular English teacher of mine (if you’re reading this, Hi Mrs.White!). Hands down, the past two years, being in her class I’ve learned the most in the ways of writing and thinking than I ever have with any other teacher. One of the reasons was because she really hammed home the fact that writing was an expression of thought, and that good writing come from good thought and good thought comes from good writing? Wait what … so to write you need to think and to think you need to write.

little people,big penIt took me a while to wrap my head around this concept but I think it’s finally starting to click. I find it hard sometimes to stick words down coherently on a page, to have it make sense and properly convey what I mean.  A lot of people have told me that since I love to read, then by extension I must be good at writing as well. If only that was the case. In all honesty a blank page terrifies me. It stares at me, taunting me to put my jumble of ideas down, to make the electrical impulses that fire in my brain make sense on paper. Writing is not like a math equation, where you can put down variables and everyone will understand what you’re saying because you can solve for x and everyone’s x’s will turn out the same. In writing, x for me could stand for books but to you x could mean the overburdening weight of textbooks. I guess this is my fear. I fear that if I were to write “I love reading” that someone somewhere will misinterpret it and think I said “I love downing in words”. Practice makes perfect right? So I guess that’s why I’m still blogging, to spit out thoughts on the page and hope that my writing accurately reflects them or at least to an extent that no one is going to read this and think “Hmmm … this girl likes cheese.”


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5 responses to “Articulation”

  1. Matt Dalton says :

    If you fear a blank page, just write a single word no matter what the meaning. Then there is nothing to fear!

  2. Mrs. White says :

    Blushing here :) Thanks for the compliment Maryam, but I have another important quotation that I have tried to live by in teaching.

    “It is not what you can tell them; it is what they hear.” Red Auerbach

    Teachers at my workshop asked me if I was afraid to post my own blogs and expose my own weaknesses in writing; the answer was “yes, but it is important to make ourselves vulnerable if we are asking students to do the same.”

    Keep blossoming, Maryam, and trust in the depth of thought that I already know you have.

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