Relative Perspective

The inevitable boredom that set in while doing five billion and two physics questions on relative motion lead me to come up with this – the equation for relative perceptive of reading :P



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3 responses to “Relative Perspective”

  1. Mrs. White says :

    Awesome! But I think you’ve missed some variables in the equation. D = diction (word choice) which creates M = mood or atmosphere and S = structure of the narrative, or P = plot and if you leave out LD = literary devices, then you miss all the spice in the consumption of books.

    What about a recipe instead of an equation?

    • mkaka139 says :

      Interesting … Now you’ve got me thinking. Looks like Im gonna have to come up with a whole system of equations to adequately describe this stuff :P

      • Mrs. White says :

        Yes! Mathenglish is the square root of my second favourite pair of subjects squared :) Let me know when you come up with a potential formula.

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