Full Human Status

“‘Bigend told everyone to afford you full human status.'”

— Zero History (Gibson 525)

Full. Human. Status. Three words that chilled my mind. Three words that really show the extent of business hierarchy and corruption. Three words that really showed the controlling nature of Bigend and his perception of his company.


I can’t say I was unaware that Milgrim was being used throughout the novel. In fact I think Milgrim himself was fully aware he was being used, caught in a position he didn’t ask for, and yet that single line still brings horrors to my mind. Milgrim being Milgrim just let the remark slide, but I’m not like that. That line bothers me like an itch that refuses to remain unscratched. How can a person go to such lengths to intentionally use someone as though they were an object of possession, as though there were nothing more than a disposable tool. If this were to happen to me I don’t think I would have had the same reaction as Milgrim. I guess I would have reacted more like Hollis, with annoyance at being used and possibly anger at not having the guts to change my situation. Thank goodness I’m not a sci-fi book character.


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One response to “Full Human Status”

  1. petersourgey says :

    Milgrim’s reaction to Bigend’s treatment of him is something I never quite understood in the novel. Although Bigend gave him a second chance in life, he almost ended that and Milgrim did not react. He never had the courage to stand up for himself based on his belief that Bigend saved him. I believe Milgrim did owe Bigend to a certain extent, but there was a line and Bigend definitely crossed it.

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