Apparition Appearance

In the dead vast and middle of the night
Been thus encount’red. A figure like your father,
Armed at point exactly, cap-a-pe,
Appears before them and with solemn march
Goes slow and stately by them.

Hamlet (Act I, Scene ii)


It’s an ominous way to start off a play. With scenes of a ghost, one who should be dead yet isn’t. As a person with a logical more scientific mindset, the whole notion of ghost is something quite unbelievable. I guess the same could be said for Horatio who, when told about the ghost, would not believe it until he saw it for himself, says “’tis but our fantasy” (23). To not believe and yet have a ghost appear, an apparition, a sign of the dead, the coming back of the lifeless, clearly shakes him. The fact that the even notion of a ghost appearing shakes him, is not surprising. His beliefs lie in the natural law and order of the world, yet there it is, as plain as the night. How do you disbelieve what is in front of you? In retrospect, can you trust your thoughts and beliefs?


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3 responses to “Apparition Appearance”

  1. melaniewhite2012 says :

    Good observations and connections with my hero, Horatio, one of the few survivors at the end of the play (spoiler alert!).

  2. sincerelyabook says :

    BOO :)

    I started to wonder about our academic knowledge while reading your post. It seems as though having thoughts that are only based on science limits what we acpet to be real. If you think about it, in the play, only the highly educated seem to even remotely doubt the possibility of a ghost being real. There is still a lot of unknowns in the scientific world of knowns. So, as an extention of your question, how do we know that what we know isn’t a result of an unknown broken order elsewhere?
    What’s normal?

  3. melaniewhite2012 says :

    Comments can be deleted by the owner, so Vandana can fix her typos. Mrs. White

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